Since being diagnosed with Klinefelter’s Syndrome in 2016 and Aspergers in 2018 I have spent countless hours, days, weeks and now years researching Klinefelter’s Syndrome . First it was for me – trying to figure out how this condition affects me; the health problems, the treatments, the targeted weight gain, the mental issues, peoples assumption of you, how Klinefelter’s Syndrome and the workplace are an issue, etc.

As time progressed I set up a Facebook group to share my findings, which overall was pretty successful; but Facebook is limiting, so I set up “Living with ...” to share the information that I have researched.

The advantage of this, for you, is that you don’t have to sift through the mountain of information pertaining to Klinefelter’s Syndrome, I’ve done that for you. I’ve discarded the crap information so that what you read is the cold, hard facts about both Klinefelter’s Syndrome and Aspergers; how it affects people, how people treat you differently when they know what you have, how false the information is about muscle gain and weight loss with Klinefelter’s Syndrome , etc.

Some of the posts on Living with … are designed for everyone, not just people with Klinefelter’s Syndrome and Aspergers but for people with other lifelong conditions, people suffering with the long-term effects of an acute illness or for people looking to lose weight, who have tried every other method without success or limited success and now want to try something different.

Due to the amount of time I have spent researching Klinefelter’s Syndrome and Aspergers, I have made the posts on this website membership only. It’s free to signup and become a member.

Happy reading!

… and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me – via the contact form and chat system.

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