My name is Ashley. Since my teenage years I have been heavily involved in the I.T. world and had a passing interest in fitness. As a teenager and into my early 20’s I always wondered why when I spent as many hours in the gym as my peers why I could never build the sort of body they did. I supplemented and ate the same way but all I ever did was put on weight and very little muscle.

During my 30’s I got into mountain biking, riding cross-country 100+ miles a weekend, sweating buckets, yet never had anything to show for it from a fat loss perspective, however my stamina was always extremely good. In my early 40’s I went back to weight training but again, even with expert advice, I struggled to gain muscle or lose fat around my midsection – although my strength increased to the point that I could bench press a 1RM of 120kg.

In 2009 I became ill after consuming a protein shake that was cross-contaminated with eggs (I have a life-long egg intolerance). Not wanting to consume a ton of amino acids or eat 6 times a day (it wasn’t practical nor could I do it), I set about researching & designing a vegan all-in-one protein shake that I could consume for me.

During the course of designing the all-in-one I interacted with various vegan societies, contract manufacturers and people that were generally interested in the thought of a great tasting, high protein vegan shake – which is what I wanted for myself. So I formed a company to sell my design – a great tasting, high protein vegan all-in-one protein shake. It took 14 months to design and implement; was eventually modified to become a hypoallergenic protein shake and was joined by a further 7 hypoallergenic protein shakes to accommodate all aspects of fitness.

By late 2016 everything had changed and I could no longer run my company as I had been diagnosed with Klinefelter’s Syndrome a few months earlier and was to be diagnosed with Aspergers 18 months later. My focus now, was to research into all things Klinefelter’s Syndrome.

Now in 2021, I am in a better place both physically and mentally with both my conditions (which are defined as comorbid (as they are directly linked)) and I am in the unique position to help anyone with Klinefelter’s Syndrome / 47 XXY and/or Aspergers & the partners / parents of anyone with Klinefelter’s Syndrome / 47 XXY and/or Aspergers.

At the same time, with my expert knowledge of supplement design and fitness, I am also best placed to answer questions or provide help regarding supplement usage, weight loss and fitness through exercise.