Welcome to Living with … where you will find detailed and unbiased information about Klinefelter’s Syndrome (KS), Aspergers (ASD) and the health conditions that affect both conditions.

I will talk about health conditions (comorbid & otherwise) that affect both KS and ASD, the different variations of KS, why 47 XXY and KS are not the same thing, the different types of treatment, side effects (good & bad), supplements, the benefits of exercise, weight loss with KS, the NHS vs private clinics (UK only) and much more besides.

Living with … is for males with KS and/or 47 XXY, females with 47 XXY and for the partners / parents of a partner / child that has KS and/or 47 XXY. The information herein is from my own personal experience and/or countless hours of research.

Some of the posts on Living with … are designed for everyone, not just people with Klinefelter’s Syndrome and Aspergers but for people with other lifelong conditions, people suffering with the long-term effects of an acute illness or for people looking to lose weight, who have tried every other method without success or limited success and now want to try something different.

Warning: The information on this website will NOT be sugar coated. It is factual, to the point & sometimes controversial. All the information is either 1st hand or is information gained via countless hours of research. Please do not be offended if the information goes against your beliefs as to what KS and/or 47 XXY is.

Please Note: Aspergers is now known as High Functioning Autism, for which I am diagnosed with alongside KS. I use the term Aspergers because I prefer it.